Emozioni Plus - Cleansing Cream

150 ML
Soft but full-bodied texture
Rich in turmeric and blueberry extracts
Gentle cleansing without skin stress

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From Italy comes Vagheggi, the revolutionary, all-natural skincare that’s redefining the entire beauty industry. With multiple ranges each suited to a unique skin type and concern, Vagheggi products aim to treat your skin issues at the source and prevent them from recurring. All Vagheggi products are infused with the best botanical extracts and no chemically-derived nasties. Vagheggi products create a luscious facial experience for clients, too, leaving their skin feeling refreshed, repaired and rejuvenated. 


The Emozioni Plus phytocosmetic line is specifically dedicated to the types of sensitive skin and intervenes with innovative strategies on the manifestations of the imperfection: dryness, reactivity, dilated capillaries, micro imperfections and inhomogeneity, subjective sensations such as itching, tingling, tingling, discomfort that occur in continuously or with periodic outbursts. A disorder characterized by a low tolerance threshold, due to an exaggerated response of the delicate skin nervous system, a thin stratum corneum and an abnormal production of free radicals, which causes micro-inflammations. Emozioni Plus strengthens the skin barrier, helps protect capillaries, controls oxidative phenomena and recreates the well-being of the skin.


Soft but full-bodied texture, rich in turmeric and blueberry extracts, which allows a thorough and gentle cleansing without skin stress. 


Curcuma longa : tropical and subtropical plant characterized by a root rich in curcumin, with excellent regenerative, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. The innovative eco-sustainable extraction system is made on the totipotent cells of turmeric; the latter are stressed until the plant metabolome is obtained which prevents and contrasts all skin irritation phenomena due to stress and typical manifestations of sensitive skin. This concentrated plasma contains not only classic anti-inflammatory molecules, but also messenger molecules and enzymes that make the soothing effect faster and more effective.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum: perennial plant, native to the subtropical area of ​​Sichuan. From the fruits and shrubs a patented lipophilic active is obtained, obtained by supercritical extraction in CO2, able to perform a soothing action against the sensations of discomfort of sensitive skin. This raw material has a transient action on neuromuscular synaptic transmission.

Pinus pinaster or maritime pine : plant that finds its ideal environment near the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea; the extracts have a powerful antioxidant activity capable of neutralizing free radicals, it also has soothing, protective and elasticizing properties.

Blueberry: Organic blueberry extract rich in anthocyanins that act on the blood vessel wall, improving their resistance, permeability and elasticity. Antioxidant action.

Matricaria chamomilla : distilled chamomile water, composed mainly of flavonoids, with marked soothing properties.

Pomegranate or punica granatum : fruit native to the area between Persia and North India, this fruit has been cultivated throughout the Mediterranean since ancient times and is a precious source of tannins and enzymes.

Soft focus green micro powders : latest generation of fillers with a satin, illuminating, smoothing effect; helps to attenuate the red color.

Active anti-pollution shield: synergy of 3 specific polysaccharides to actively protect against pollution and help reinforce the skin barrier by creating a film that protects the microbiome and restores the correct balance of the skin. 


In vitro clinical tests on the active ingredients turmeric
- anti-inflammatory activity tested on activated monocyte cells up to -97% 
- acceleration of the healing process up to 72% more after 24 hours: scratch test on fibroblasts. 

Test on stressed reconstructed epidermis
- turmeric in addition to having an anti-inflammatory activity, protects collagen and elastin from degradation: up to 80% in the first case and up to 88% in the second. 

In vivo test on the active ingredient zanthoxylum bungeanum
- 67.5% of the volunteers reported a significant decrease in itching sensation
- 100% of the volunteers reported a significant decrease in the sensation of heat 

In vitro test on the anti-pollution shield
- + 43% pollution shield effect
- 48h normalization of the barrier effect
- 33% reduction of colonization by harmful bacteria State -of 

The-art in vitro testd for skin tolerability and efficacy
- Evaluation of cell morphology under the microscope after treatment.
- Evaluation of the pro-sensitizing potential through flow cytometric analysis of membrane antigens (count of antigens produced in the immune response).
- Efficacy test for soothing activity: in vitro control of inflammation markers. 

Product Code 29946- 150 ML

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