Jelly Mask - Crystal Anti- Aging Vitamin C Infused Mask

Anti-oxidant rich Vitamin C infused to promotes collagen production
Thickens the dermis, diminishes fine lines, and promotes firm, youthful skin
Protects skin cells from UV free radical damage

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This Vitamin C Infused Jelly mask promotes collagen production, which has the potential to thicken the dermis, diminish fine lines, and is essential for firm, youthful skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure.

Best for all skin types. 

See our guide for choosing the right Panemorfi Jelly Mask for your clients.

Directions For Use: 
1. Once face is cleansed and prepped apply 1-2 scoops of the Panemorfi mask to a bowl.
2. Add a slow trickle of water (equivalent to about 2 scoops) until it forms a smooth paste-like texture. TIP- mixing as soon as you start to add the water will ensure you get the right consistency.
3. Once all the contents are properly mixed, apply directly to the face and neck for 10-15 minutes or until completely dry.
4. To remove mask, start from the top of the head or bottom of the neck with a gliding motion, peel of the mask and wipe off any excess with a warm cloth or fibrilla. (Dispose of mask in the trash to avoid clogging sinks). 
5. Apply your favorite serum and/or cream immediately after to lock in all the goodness!

Each tub makes approx. 25 masks.
Glucose, Diatomite, Sodium Alginate sulfate, Malt Flour, Calcium Sulfate, L-Ascorbic Acid
Product Code 29792- EACH

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