RIDGEFX (40pk x 3.7ml) . CND

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RIDGEFX (40pk x 3.7ml) . CND

RIDGEFX (40pk x 3.7ml)

Product Features


(40pk x 3.7ml)

Cuticle treatments provide proper moisture and protection for healthy, resilient nails. Hand cleansers, cuticle conditioners and nail tools cover each step of a salon manicure.

Begin and end every manicure with treatments from CND®. Start with a base coat to prime nails, and end with a top coat for a flawless finish.

RIDGEFX™ Nail Surface Enhancer smooths out ridges and masks imperfections for a beautiful color application. See results instantly.

RIDGEFX is a nail surface enhancer and ridge filler that perfects the appearance of the natural nail. Featuring OPTIFIL TECHNOLOGY, RIDGEFX smooths out ridges and masks imperfections for a beautiful colour application and chip-resistant wear.


  • Nails instantly look and feel smoother
  • Eliminates the need for buffing
  • Visibly brightens nail color
  • Nails instantly look younger

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