Helping to Reduce Plastic

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We're committed to Replacing Plastic Bags

10% of the plastic that ends up in our oceans is single use bags, so we want to break the cycle by saying NO to plastic.

So if you have a reusable bag with you - please let us help you pack your purchases into it.  But if you need a plastic bag, then don't feel that bad.  We can provide you with a bag for 20c, of which the proceeds from this will be donated to Clean Up Australia*.

You can then reuse your new bag on your next visit.

This replacement program will begin in August 2018.

(*Clean Up Australia is a not-for-profit environmental conservation oranisation.  It works to address many environmental issues, including waste.  #banthebag)

As a business we'd like to think we care for our environment and are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

We try to do this by Reducing - Reusing - Recycling;

  • Recycling boxes for deliveries.  We don't purchase our own boxes or have our own boxes printed.  instead we re-use boxes we receive from suppliers to re-pack our customers order in for dispatch.
  • We have installed over 230 Solar Panels into 2 of our showroom.  We have plans to extend this to all 5 showrooms over the next 2 years.
  • Shred paper for packaging, in-house in our main distribution warehouse.
  • We separate our cardboard from rubbish for recycling thorugh JJ Richards.
  • Installing insulation batts into the ceilings all our showrooms.  This helps to retain heat in winter and keep showrooms cool in summer, therefore placing less demand on our air conditioning.
  • Replaced all downlights in our showrooms with energy efficient LED downlights.
  • Replaced over 50 metal-halide high bay lamps with energy efficient LED High bay lamps in our National warehouse.


If you have any further ideas on how we can help to Reduce - Reuse - Recycle, please contact us, we'd love to share and hear your ideas.




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