6 week Profit Accelerator Program

6 x 1 hour online sessions
Learn how to manage your numbers and find hidden profit
Partnering with those who help Salons to succeed
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“I’m not good with numbers” is something we hear ALL THE TIME! And the reason is simple. If you are never taught, how on earth are you meant to know!? 


Unleash Your Financial Ninja and Master Money Management for Explosive Profit Growth in Zings 6 Week Program


Zings 6 Week Profit Accelerator is where Your Business' Financial Transformation Begins!

The outcome from Zings 6 week accelerator is simple, to teach you your numbers in a way that finally makes sense, so that you can make smart decisions based on facts and not gut feelings or emotion. Zing will not only coach you on the fundamentals of numbers mastery, they are also going to show you how to tap into the extra profit hiding within your business.


Are you ready to Transform your Salons success or want to find out more?

6 week zing profit program
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