Lash U Beauty Emerald Express Volume Eyelash Extensions

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Emerald Express Volume Eyelash Extensions Workshop by LU Beauty


Our Emerald Course has been designed to teach the fundamentals of Volume Eyelash Extensions using different methods whilst ensuring your clients lash health is not compromised. Be one of the first to learn Express Lashes and create four times your income in just half the time! Due to the much larger number of lashes added, Volume and Express Lashes can last significantly longer before a noticeable need to refill.

In this class you will learn how to create Volume fans yourself and how to use the NEW Express Lashes which can speed up your service time! You can walk away being able to create Customized Hybrid Lashes!


Course Schedule:

9:30am: Introduction and overview of Volume Eyelash Extensions and Express Lashes

10:00am: Product knowledge, Eye styling, Lash selection, Comparison to handmade, Profit table

10:30am: Demonstration of application techniques

11:00am: Creating Hand-made volume fans and application on mannequin head.

Midday: Lunch (BYO)

12:30pm: Client care application form / Consultation with model (Models attend from this point until 3pm)

12:45pm: Lash application on model

3:30pm: Conclusion



$440 (includes free kit)



You will receive a FREE Training Kit containing ample product to successfully complete this workshop

PLUS 10% off non-sale Lash U Lashes/Lash U Beauty products on the day of training

An LU Beauty certificate upon satisfactory completion (see requirements below)

Attendee Prerequisites:

Must be part of the beauty industry & qualified in Classic Lash Extensions with at least 6 months of Classic Lash Experience.


Attendee Requirements:

Attendees must bring:

Own Model (see below)

Pen & paper

Your own lunch

A device capable of taking photos for before & after work


Model Requirements:

Models must attend from 12:30pm until 3pm

Models are to not wear makeup including foundation. If models have recently received a lash perm or lash lift, we recommend to wait a minimum of 8 weeks before getting lash extensions

Models must come free of Lash Extensions

No eye sensitivity or contagious eye conditions

Model must be able to lay on their back for an extended time frame

Models who are NOT pregnant

No Allergies to Latex or previous Allergic reaction to Lash Extensions


Certificate Requirements:

After your initial training you will be required to submit independent assessments while perfecting your skills and the knowledge you have learned. To receive your certificate we ask participants send 8 before & after photos of completed full sets. You must send the photos via email ( within a 6 month time-frame. LU Beauty will issue certificates via email. Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your certificate.


Check our upcoming workshop dates:


To Book in Victoria call:

Dandenong - (03) 8793 6711

Burwood - (03) 9808 2011

Keilor East - (03) 9331 5700


To Book in New South Wales call:

Seven Hills - (02) 9620 7866


To Book in Queensland call:

Moorooka - (07) 3392 660



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Email NSW:

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Workshop/Training terms & conditions

No course placement will be guaranteed without FULL payment at the time of booking.

Bookings are essential, due to limited numbers per class.

Some classes need numbers confirmed more than 2 weeks prior, so booking early is very important.

Courses may be cancelled, postponed or relocated where applicable by Salon First if there are insufficient bookings - Payment will be credited if this occurs.

Attendees MUST have a contactable phone number on the day of Training and leading up to the workshop. Salon First will not be responsible in the event you cannot be informed of any changes or cancellations.

Workshop redeemable amounts or discounts offered against product purchases, are only valid on the day of the class & are not transferrable for cash.

No refund will be considered for attendee cancellation without 7 business days (Mon –Fri) prior notice.

No Children, friends or family members permitted in training classes, only models if required (during model times).

Unless otherwise specified, attendees are required to bring their own reliable models on the day. Salon First will not be responsible for organising models.

If Attendee’s Model/s are not present on the day, attendees may be unable to fulfil the workshop criteria or receive their certificate of completion.

Attendees to conduct themselves in a professional manner, no disruptive behaviour tolerated.


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