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Platinum Eyelash Extension Technician Workshop Cert of Accreditation

Practical Lashing 2 Hour Examination- to Become a Recognised Australian Accredited Eyelash Artist, Stylist and Technician.

Well then we are very excited to invite you to become an Accredited Eyelash Artist, Stylist and Technician through our Right Way National Accreditation Program.

If you are a competent Eyelash Extension Technician and you would like to get Accredited with Nationwide Recognition then the Lash U Lashes Platinum Eyelash Course is for you! Receive your Nationwide Industry Recognized Accredited Certificate. An Accredited emblem to display in your salon.

Eyelash Extension Accreditation is was incorporated into the Diploma of Beauty in 2015. It is expected all new and pre-existing Eyelash Extension Technicians will be required to hold an Australian recognised Accreditation.

Completing the Lash U Lashes Certificate of Accreditation includes a platinum level, 2 Year VIP Membership with Unlimited Discounts.

With your certificate of Accreditation, you will be able to market yourself to new and existing clients in a whole new perspective. The Certificate of Accreditation will acknowledge your skills as an Eyelash Technician.

There is a very high demand for expertly trained Lash Artists who maintain integrity in the beauty industry, a Certificate of Accreditation will give you a leading edge against your competitors, thus giving you a greater appeal to potential clients in the market.

Course Cost:

$440 (or $330 if you've already attended the Silver class!)

Includes a redeemable $55 towards any LUL products purchased on the day.

On successful completion attendees will receive;

  • Accredited Certificate
  • Promotion on the Lash U Lashes website
  • Nationwide Recognition of their Accreditation
  • Unlimited Discounts on Lash U Lashes Products
  • Lash U Lashes Seal of Accreditation for display
  • 1 Year Platinum Membership with Lash U Lashes

Model Requirements:

Attendee’s to bring own make-up free model at 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Attendee Requirements:

Bring Own Model. Attendees will need to bring their own lashes, glue, tweezers and Magnifying Glasses as well as any other tools they may use whilst lashing.

Each student is to arrange a model well in advance.

Students must complete the following requirements to pass the examination;

  • Complete a Full Set in under 1.5 Hours
  • Correct Products to be used
  • Before and after consultation to be advised
  • Magnifying Glasses to be worn at all times
  • Appropriate lash size and style, safely selected for each client
  • Eye Gel Patches to be placed and used in correct manner and removed without discomfort
  • Eyelashes to be isolated and lashes picked up correctly
  • Lashes are to be separated and not molded together
  • Correct glue usage for each type of lash (no clumps on eyelashes)
  • Correctly grafts Lashes, Making sure the lash is placed correctly on the eyelash (1.5mm from the skin)

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Attendee Registration Form:

Our Attendee Registration Form is required to be completed. Download, print and complete the form and bring it with you before or on the date of your class.

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Keilor East - (03) 9331 5700


For Sydney Bookings

Seven Hills - (02) 9620 7866


For Brisbane Bookings

Salisbury - (07) 3216 6010


Terms and Conditions

• No course placement will be guaranteed without a payment at the time of booking

• Courses may be cancelled if there are insufficient bookings

• Course fees that are redeemable against products purchased or specials are only valid on the day of course

• No refund will be considered without 7 business days notice of cancellation of the course

• No children permitted in training classes

• Attendees to conduct themselves in a professional manner, no disruptive behaviour will be tolerated.


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