Lash Filler 25.9 #3 Lash Filler sachets

Vital step in Inlei's Lash treatment
Achieve 25% Thickening and 9% lengthening
Strengthens the lash structure
Boosts colour and shine
For professional Use

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Introducing new era of Lash Filler® treatment - Lash Filler® 25.9

the treatment that guarantees a thickening of natural hair on average up to 25% and 9% lengthening in three treatments. 

InLei® Lash Filler 3 - Boost your lashes, enhance your beauty with a completely Vegan third step of InLei® Lash Filler Treatment. 

! InLei® Lash FIller 25.9 lamination treatment is guaranteed to achieve: 25% thickening, 9% lengthening. But that's not all. Combining the treatment with daily use of the Inlei® Adiutrix serum for three months, we achieved: 28% thickening, 12% lengthening. All these results were proven by efficacy tests carried out at a well-known clinical institute in Milan. The products of the line have been certified as vegan by the international body VEGANOK. 

For professional use only.


LASH FILLER® TREATMENT defines, nourishes, thickens and strengthens the lash structure, giving colour and shine to our client's eyelashes.


Lash Filler contains:


Vegetable Keratin 1 - extracted through a cutting-edge fermentation process, it is a perfect alternative to animal keratin.

  • Contains an amino acid composition almost identical to traditional keratin.
  • Provides lashes with strength, flexibility, thickness, and deep nourishment.
  • Composed of all 18 amino acids present in natural hairs.
  • Vegetable Keratin 18 not only nourishes but also thickness the lashes naturally and effectively, acting as a key element in the thickening process guaranteed by scientific tests



  • Naturally present within the hair, it is reach in nitrogen and it is the key component of the formulation (constitutes more than 10% of its composition)
  • Its positive charge ensures effective adhesion to the hairs,
  • This means that proteins with high Arginine concentration form an unusually strong bond with hairs.



  • Natural humectant that attracts and retains moisture, forming a barrier that protects lashes from dehydration and breakage
  • Its conditioning action makes hairs softer and more flexible, resistant to any damage that may result from some aggressive make up products and treatments.


Rebalancing complex:

  • Restores hair follicle cycle due to Mung bean and red clover sprout concentrate
  • This concentrate penetrates deep into hair structure and promotes the development of longer and thicker hairs.


Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1:

  • The key peptide to stronger and more voluminous lashes – it stimulates lash growth, strengthening them from the root and tightening their structure.



InLei® Lash Filler 25.9 – Instructions:

  • Analyse client’s eyes and natural eyelashes to be able to choose the correct shields for the desired effect.
  • Thoroughly cleanse the client's eyelashes area with InLei® Mousse Oil Free (for example InLei® Mousse Aloe Vera). For convenience use InLei Fernando Multipurpose brush. Remove the mousse with a drop of water or a damp cotton pad.
  • Prepare the eyelashes with InLei® Saline Solution using InLei®Minions - microbrush.
  • Apply InLei® InPatch or InLei® Black Reusable Pad eyepatches to secure lower lashes and protect the skin under the eyes.
  • Place a selected size of the InLei® Silicone Shields on the clients eyelids and if necessary secure the shield with InLei® Fixing Gel.
  • Align the eyelashes in the desired direction using InLei® Fixing Gel, InLei® Fillering Tool and InLei® Helper or Helper 2.0.
  • Apply InLei® Lash Form1 (first substance) 1.5 / 2 mm from the roots of the lashes using InLei® Vincent cat-tongue brush. Place a thin layer of product without applying it on the tips. Leave on for 6 to 14+ minutes depending on the structure and porosity of the hairs. 
  • Remove the product with with InLei® Vincent brush.
  • APPLY InLei® Lash Fix 2 (second substance) following the same procedure as the previous one and leave on for half the time plus one minute. (For example, if Form 1 was left for 8 minutes, you would leave Fix 2 for 5 minutes).
  • Remove the product with with InLei® Vincent brush.
  • Mix the InLei® Tint with InLei® Developer Cream 1.5% 5 vol. in a ratio of 1:1 inside the InLei® Trio bowl. Mix with a spatula until reaching a creamy consistency. Apply the tint along the entire length of the lashes, from root to tip, using InLei® Vincent or Picasso brush. Leave on for 6 to 12 minutes depending on the type of hair. The dyeing of the lower lashes can be done at this time or at the end of the treatment with the client sitting.
  • Remove the tint with dry cotton tips.
  • Apply InLei® Lash Filler 3 (third substance) using InLei® Picasso and do quick movements to clean any tint residue. Let the product penetrate until complete absorption. For an even more precise and clean work, it is advisable to brush the roots with an InLei® Softies microfibre-tip brush, soaked in InLei® Lash Filler 3.
  • Final cleaning with InLei® Mousse Magica - professional eyelash shampoo. Fill the InLei® Barolo bowl with water and dispense the mousse into the InLei® Solo bowl. Wet the brush and use it to pick up a small amount of product. Meticulously clean any dye residue and dissolve the water-soluble glue until the shield unsticks. Clean the entire eyelid with the brush to remove all residues of glue and comb the lashes with an InLei® F-brush to divide the hairs to one another. NOTE: To obtain the correct consistency of the mousse, it is recommended to shake the bottle and turn it upside down during dispensing.
  • Apply InLei® Lash Molecular 4 - Molecular reconstruction for eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply the product on all lashes using an InLei® F-brush and comb until it is completely absorbed. The molecular reconstruction is a leave-on product. 


By using the InLei® Adiutrix serum daily during a three-treatment cycle over three months, we obtain a thickening of 28% and a lengthening of 12%. Data proven by efficacy tests.





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