Long Term Brow Perm Composition - #1 Brow Lift

10 ML
1st Step for amazing Brow Lamination results
Advanced formula which restructures and strengthens hairs
Quick and Gentle on both skin and hairs
Enriched with care complex
Professional use only

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Meet the new line of long-term brow perm from your favourite brand

The new compositions softly affect eyebrows, virtually have no unpleasant odour, and act extremely fast.


The formula does not contain thioglycolates, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. The main active ingredient is cysteamine. Due to this, the compositions work delicately, but very effectively.


The gentle effect and high concentration of care components allow to protect hairs to the utmost during and after long-term styling.


Our advanced formula restructures and strengthens eyebrow hairs, ensuring

the styling result that lasts up to 12 weeks!



Used at the first step of long-term brow perm. Makes hair soft and manageable and prepares them for the second step. The consistency of the composition is creamy, easy to apply, and does not leak.


The soft formula is enriched with hydrolyzed wheat protein.


The composition is used only in combination with Composition #2 BROW SCULPT.


Shelf life before opening: 24 months

Shelf life after opening: 9 months

Consumption: 50 procedures



• Express formula based on cysteamine

• Requires no glue


• High concentration of care components


• Soft effect on hairs and skin

• Less vapor and unpleasant odors


• Bottle with a dispenser

• Large volume 10 ml



How to Use:

  • Cleanse the eyebrow area with an oil-free makeup remover.


  • Degrease the area with saline solution BRONSUN or special eyebrow shampoo BRONSUN. Use of scrubs and peels for preparing the eyebrows is prohibited.


  • Apply zone gel on the skin around the eyebrows, avoiding contact with hairs.


  • Comb the eyebrows with a disposable spoolie, creating the desired direction and shape. To avoid creases during the long-term brow perm procedure, consider the natural direction of hair growth when applying the compositions.


  • Apply a thin layer of Composition #1 BROW LIFT BRONSUN on the dry eyebrows. The average exposure time for Composition #1 depends on the density and thickness of hairs:


2-4 minutes for thin, porous hairs.

4-6 minutes for hairs of medium thickness and hairs that have previously been chemically treated.

5-15 minutes for course, dense, thick hairs and hairs that have not previously been chemically treated.




  • As the exposure time is over, completely remove Composition #1 with a wet cotton pad, moving in the direction of hair growth. Carefully adjust the shape with the spoolie, creating the desired direction.


  • Apply Composition #2 BROW SCULPT BRONSUN on the eyebrows, spread along the hairs, carefully creating the desired direction. The exposure time for Composition #2 is the same as for Composition #1.


  • As the exposure time is over, completely remove Composition #2 with a wet cotton pad.


  • Carry out the tinting procedure with BRONSUN dye.
  • Mix milk-cream developer BRONSUN with dye BRONSUN, following the instructions. The exposure time for dye during the long-term brow perm procedure must be reduced from the one stated in the instructions to 2-5 minutes, depending on the chosen shade and desired effect.


  • As the exposure time is over, remove the dye with a wet cotton pad.


  • Apply Composition #3 BROW ESSENCE BRONSUN on the dry eyebrows with the spoolie, creating the desired shape. Do not rinse.



Perform a sensitivity test 24-48 hours prior to the procedure, even though the client has already use these products.

FOR DYE: mix a small amount of the dye with the developer according to the instructions. Apply the mixture to the inside of the elbow or behind the ear and wash it off with water in 30 minutes.

FOR COMPOSITIONS: apply a small amount of composition #1, #2 and #3 to the inside of the elbow or behind the ear and wash off with water in 30 minutes.

In the case of itching, irritation, swelling or redness during the exposure time or within 24-48 hours, the use of the product is prohibited. Sensitivity test is an important precaution. However, keep it in mind that even after the testing, the client may experience and allergic reaction. No reaction during the sensitivity test does not guarantee that an allergic reaction will not occur while performing subsequent procedures. Please warn the client about a possible reaction to the components.



  • For professional use only.
  • Run a sensitivity test before use, In the case of an allergic reaction, consult a doctor
  • Avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse the eyes immediately if product comes into contact with them
  • Composition #1 BROW LIFT BRONSUN contains alkali, avoid contact with eyes and rinse immediately if the come into contact. Can cause blindness
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For intended use only

Follow the instructions


Product Code 31256- 10 ML

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