Odorless Sculpting Liquid

29 ML
Odorless for a more comfortable salon experience
Creates flexible and resilient Nail enhancements
Great for all skill levels
Ideal choice for spas and salons with creating a relaxing atmosphere
MMA, EMA and HEMA Free

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Create thin, flexible, resilient nail enhancements with CND’s award-winning sculpting liquids. Odorless Sculpting Liquid minimizes the odours associated with traditional sculpting liquids for a more pleasant salon experience. A highly adaptable sculpting liquid that is suitable for Nail Professionals of all skill levels.


CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid Revolutionize Your Nail Artistry with CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid

Immerse yourself in the future of nail sculpting technology with the transformative CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid. This revolutionary product propels your creativity to new heights by marrying professional-grade quality with unparalleled comfort. Its unique features place your artistic capabilities front and centre, promising an odour-free, versatile, and swift sculpting experience. A must-have in any professional salon or spa, this extraordinary liquid is perfect for nail technicians seeking to deliver top-notch services without the intrusion of bothersome odours.

Elegance in Sculpting Liquid

The CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid banishes the disruptive odours commonly associated with traditional acrylics, promoting a more pleasant salon ambiance. This benefit extends to both the technician and the client, fostering a relaxing environment conducive to creativity and satisfaction. Its odorless property makes it an ideal choice for technicians seeking to maintain an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for their clientele.

All Skill Levels

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding nail artist, the adaptable nature of this sculpting liquid accommodates all experience levels. You're afforded the freedom to experiment, innovate, and bring your unique nail designs to life with ease and precision. From creating natural-looking enhancements to crafting bold, sculptured masterpieces, this dynamic formula bolsters your artistic prowess and ensures stunning results every time.

Efficiency and Durability in a Bottle

The swift-curing property of the CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid maximizes efficiency and workflow in your salon. With its rapid curing capability, you can promise your clients high-quality, durable results in less time, streamlining their salon experiences. Despite the quick curing, the liquid's strength, adhesion, and flexibility remain uncompromised, providing indestructible enhancements that keep your clients returning for more.


Ultimate Safety

Uncompromising on safety, this sculpting liquid sets the bar high for health-conscious beauty solutions. It is meticulously formulated without MMA, EMA, or HEMA, thus prioritizing the well-being of both technicians and clients. This careful construction guarantees a healthier, worry-free nail care experience that does not sacrifice performance.


Perfect Compatibility

Partnering perfectly with CND Perfect Colour Powders, this sculpting liquid offers a dazzling array of colour possibilities. Let your imagination run wild as you delve into a rich variety of hues, enabling your artistic vision to truly shine.


CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid is an excellent companion for beauty schools and aspiring nail technicians. Its suitability for educational settings allows budding professionals to refine their skills and explore their artistic potential. Available in three convenient sizes (29mls., 118ml., and 236ml.), it caters to your individual needs and preferences, whether you're a busy salon owner or an avid nail art enthusiast.



Brand CND
Product Code 31005- 29 ML

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