Lift Lockers

3 pairs in different colours for each step
Soft and flexible silicone
Designed to help keep your lashes locked during the treatment
Easy placement and removal
Made of durable materials

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What Are Lift Lockers?

Gone are the days of disrupted lash wraps!  Lift Lockers are unique silicone strips designed with a fashioned contour and curvature to cover, envelope and hug onto the lashes while they are wrapped around your rods or shields.  They are made of soft and supple silicone that is flexible and mouldable enough that the wrap is seamless without disrupting lashes or the lotions.  This is such a beneficial inclusion to our range to hold lashes in place, offering support and direction while the chemical process is taking place.  Imagine being able to tell your lashes to “sit” and “stay” – this is it!



Features to Adore!

1. Ultra-Secure: Designed with state-of-the-art locking curvature to shape to the lash wrap without disruption and in a manner that’s complimentary to Eleebana’s  brilliantly designed and globally loved Flex Rods and Flex Shields.  These are also complimentary to other rods and shields on the market due to their flexi-soft silicone

2. Tree Tab Grip Efficiency: Optimized for easy placement, attachment and removal steps, the tree tab (it wouldn’t be Elleebana without their signature tree logo) gives a grip space to release the locker with gloved hands or tweezers with ease and without disrupting your flawless lash wrap.

3. Customizable: Choose from an array of colours for your steps to suit your needs however to give a guide Elleebana prefer to use:

“Orange lift lockers used while the lifting lotions are processing. 

“Clear” lift lockers while the setting lotion is processing – this allows an easy visual for any crossed over lashes during the ever important and extremely relevant phase of the setting process.  Having that clear visual gives purposeful guide to ensure your lashes are locked in the “right” place. 

“Black” lift lockers are going to ensure your tint stains aren’t an eye sore on your social pages. 

Elleebana have really thought of everything here.

4. Durable & Long-Lasting: Made from the best materials to ensure longevity and reliability as long as cleaning methods are followed.  The same cleaning methods are required for the Lift Lockers as what you might use for your silicone Flex Rods or Flex Shields. 

*Important - If you are autoclaving the lift lockers the temperature must be below 230°C as the silica gel can begin to dissolve if it exceeds this limit. 


Product Code 31134- EACH

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