Step #2 (10 Sachets)

Neutralises the perming solution in step 1
Infused with ingredients that reinforce lash integrity
Ingredients to promote lash growth
Supports lash strength and resilience during the service
For professional Use

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The Gravity Lash Lifting Solution Step 2 is an essential component in achieving a flawless lash lift, serving as the setting solution that neutralizes the perming solution applied in Step 1. This crucial step ensures the newly curled lashes retain their shape while restoring strength, preventing any potential damage caused by the lifting process. Presented in a pack of 10 sachets, this product is meticulously designed to provide lash lift professionals with the convenience and efficiency needed for multiple treatments.

Processing Times:

  • Thin lashes: 7-8 minutes
  • Medium lashes: 9-10 minutes
  • Thick lashes: 11-12 minutes

These times ensure that professionals can tailor the treatment to individual lash types, achieving optimal results without compromising lash health.

Key Ingredients:

  • Castor Oil: Promotes lash growth and adds a natural sheen.
  • Vitamins and Peptides: Support lash strength and resilience.


Key Features:

  • Neutralizes Perming Solution: Specifically formulated to halt the perming process, ensuring lashes maintain their perfect curl without compromising their natural structure.
  • Restores Lash Strength: Infused with ingredients that reinforce the lashes' integrity, Step 2 helps to revitalize and strengthen lashes after the lifting process.
  • Designed for Multiple Treatments: The inclusion of 10 individual sachets allows professionals to perform several lash lift treatments, ensuring each client receives a fresh, potent dose for the best results.
  • Exclusively for Lash Lifting: Tailored for use in professional lash lifting treatments, ensuring optimal compatibility and effectiveness as part of the Gravity Lash Lift regimen.

The Gravity Lash Lifting Solution Step 2 is integral to providing a comprehensive lash lift service that not only offers an impressive curl but also prioritizes the health and strength of the lashes.

Product Code 31279- EACH

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