Transformational Leadership Program

6 x 1 hour online sessions
Be the leader you have always wanted to be
Partnering with those who help Salons to succeed
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Transform your business with our comprehensive Leadership Program


If you employ a team, this will reaaaally blow your socks off! Not to mention explode your results!


Zings 6 week Transformational Leadership program will help you look deep within, so you can become the leader you have always wanted to be.


If you are reading this, you will already know that the buck starts and stops with YOU! To be honest that is the first step!


Growing a team in 2024 and showing up as a leader can be overwhelming. The main outcome of the program is to inspire confidence by sharing with you the latest leadership skills.


There are other programs out there…. Zings point of difference is not just sharing themes and fluffy ideas, they teach you practical skills that you can actually implement.


Zing will provide you with the support to implement changes DURING the program.


Are you ready to Transform your Salons success or want to find out more?

transformational leader program
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