What To Post Cards - #Lash & Brow Edition

Struggle for social content ideas- NO MORE!
Tailored for Salons with 50 captivating prompts
Helps to give inspiration
Unveil 8 weeks work of content in one shuffle
Can be used for reels, stories, carousels and much more

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Ever Felt Stuck on What to Post Next for Your Lash & Brow Salon?

Introducing What to Post Cards: #LashandBrowEdition - your magic wand to dazzling social media content. Created especially for salon owners like YOU!

Overwhelmed? A thing of the past!

Procrastination? Sayonara!

Unique content? Always on the menu!

With 50 captivating prompts, tailored for salons, these cards will elevate your brand, even if social media has felt like a puzzling maze until now. The catch? Every card is a fresh burst of inspiration!

How to Shine with #LashandBrowEdition:

Shuffle Magic - Unveil 8 weeks of stellar content with just one shuffle. And guess what? Every reshuffle brings a brand new galaxy of ideas.

Daily Divination - Feeling spontaneous? Shuffle daily and let the cosmos of content lead the way.

Team Radiance - Make content creation a delightful bonding affair! Staff members pick a card and bring it to life with their unique touch.

Integration Station - This can be easily combined with and integrated with our #salonedition for even MORE content ideas.

Every prompt card is a versatile gem! From reels to TikTok, stories to carousels - the sky's the limit.

So, why blend in when you can STAND OUT? With #LashandBrowEdition, let your socials shimmer, resonate, and captivate like never before!


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